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Ignacio Font

iggy-photoIgnacio Font was born of Cuban parents on the island of Puerto Rico, where he began his search as an artist. As a child, Ignacio always felt an outsider, not belonging to his family, neighborhood or school. At the age of 10, he visited New York with his family and he felt a warm embrace when in front of a Jackson Pollock painting. A year later his family moved to Miami from Puerto Rico and the disjointed feeling he always had became an even greater contrast to the warm embrace of the Pollock painting. This disjointed feeling coupled with the warm embrace, are the driving forces in his works.

In earlier works, his lack of cohesion with individuals and his surroundings had won over the search for a place and feeling of belonging. With time the artworks became places of acceptance, comfort and belonging. Ignacio addresses issues of what is perceived as beautiful, our inability to focus, faith and its effects, fear, misunderstanding, residue, human frailty and the value of life. At times his work is an acceptance of the beauty of arts/crafts and dreams from his childhood, an affirmation of the nagging questions regarding the self-worth of any human being, including himself.

Ignacio is taking on his personal affirmations of meditation, communication, personal growth and focus as well as his personal challenges and constant battles with time constraints, work, and clarity of communication. Ignacio has spent years finding and making images of imaginative yet familiar places full of unconditional acceptance, comfort and belonging. Ignacio finally found this place within himself, a spiritual place of meditation and mark making. His search for places to call home led him to understanding that home is within us all; instead of a location it is an experience, a meditation and/or a prayer. The importance of the self and what the self experiences, has to take priority over the external issues. With this ideal in mind Ignacio embraces an exploration into the meditative practice of mark making and communication, emerging in the creation of a mantra drawn from personal experiences. Ignacio’s search for a place has become an archeological dig within himself, emphasizing meditative experiences based on his own personal past with mark making and his need to find a spiritual center.


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